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Overview of features

Creating and publishing a page is so simple that it can be done in one minute.

There are also a number of optional features that you can customise on your page to make it completely unique. This article provides a brief overview of all the features you can change. You can choose to change as many of these options as you wish.

General Settings

  • Name your page by giving it a unique title
  • Set your own web address to help people find your page
  • Set a fundraising target
  • Choose to keep your page private so it can only be accessed by your unique web address
  • Tell your story to inspire others and encourage contributions
  • Write a personal thank you message to include in the email receipt
  • Upload a picture to be displayed when your page is shared online
  • Upload a jigsaw image to be revealed as puzzle pieces are added to your page*

Read more about Customising General Settings.

Object Settings

  • Allow any donation value or set a minimum donation amount for each object
  • Choose whether to allow supporters to use an object and leave a message without donating
  • Define a colour palette for your supporters to choose from*
3 virtual christmas trees with different colourful lights
Set your own colour palette with object colour options and offer the choice to your supporters

Charity Accounts Only

  • Set the names of the objects that can be added to the picture
  • Use your own wording on the donation button prompt

Read more about Customising Object Settings.

Display Settings

  • Choose between a transparent header and a solid colour*
  • Create a fully customised background, combining your own images and colour gradients*
  • Set the colour of the area to be displayed before jigsaw pieces are added to your page*
  • Set the colours to be displayed on messages and buttons on your page
  • Display a view counter, date and/or donation amount with each message
  • Encourage page visitors to read your story when they arrive at your page by choosing whether to add a pop-up
  • Display the total amount your page has raised
  • Set the visibility of available objects on your page

Charity Accounts Only

  • Upload a unique logo for your page
  • Set your brand colours as defaults for future pages

Read more about Customising Display Settings.

Message Settings

Charity Accounts Only

  • Select a message preset to determine how each message will be displayed on your page
  • Use your own language to ask questions on the form
  • Write the message to be displayed when a donor selects an available object
  • Set the content of the default Tweet when your page is shared on Twitter, including relevant hashtags

Read more about Customising Message Settings.

Account Settings

Please note these settings will apply to all of your pages.

Charity Accounts Only

  • Upload your charity logo
  • Add your website, email address and postal address so your supporters can get in touch
  • Write a general statement about what you do
  • Write a general thank you message to be sent to anyone who donates on a page created by one of your supporters
  • Set your data protection and marketing consent options. Choose the communication methods you use to contact donors so they can opt-in to hear from you, or go one step further and also let them choose exactly what they want to hear about by setting your 'Opt-in Reasons'
  • Share a link to your charity's privacy policy, to be displayed on the donation form
  • Set your HMRC Gift Aid declaration to allow you to claim Gift Aid on your donations - short, long, or no declaration at all.

Read more about about Setting up your charity account & profile.

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