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Sharing your page

Once you've published your page, the next step is to show all your friends and family. There are lots of ways to do this.

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We'll send you an email with your unique web address. Copy this address and send an email to everyone you know!

Social media

If you use social media, you can share your web address on your profile to encourage your wider network to visit your page and make a contribution.


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There are a couple of different ways to share your page on Facebook.

  • Click the Share icon on your Visufund page and choose Facebook - if you're logged in, this will automatically share your page on your Facebook. You can choose whether to post the link on your timeline, in a group, or send the link as a private message. You can also write a short message to encourage people to visit your page.
  • Or, if you prefer to post the link directly on Facebook, copy your web address and paste it into your status bar.


Like Facebook, you can share your page on Twitter in two different ways.

  • Click the Share icon on your Visufund page and choose Twitter - this will automatically create a Tweet to share a link directly to your page.
  • Or you can copy your web address and paste it in Twitter if you prefer to share in this way.

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Send your web address to one person or an entire WhatsApp group by visiting your page from your phone, clicking the Share icon and selecting WhatsApp.

Other social platforms

Wherever you choose to share your page, all you have to do is include your web address and this will create a link so people are redirected to your page. Please note, Instagram does not allow you to share clickable links directly in posts, although you can add your web address in your bio on your profile to share your page.

Offline promotion

Just because you've created an online webpage, it doesn't mean you can't use offline channels to promote it.

  • Put up a poster at work or in a local shop (you might need to ask for permission first)
  • Tell your friends in person
  • Pick up the phone and ask for support
  • Ask others to help you promote your page

Customising 'Display Settings'

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Customising 'Object Settings'

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Setting page web address (URL)

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