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Setting donation amounts

This document is only applicable to charity users

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In Object Settings, you can change the donation amounts of each object to suit your audience and to maximise the fundraising potential of your page.

Donation type

You can choose between suggested or minimum for each object group on your page. Whichever donation type you choose, the amount you set will be the pre-selected amount presented to donors on the donation form.

  • Suggested donations allow donors to give any amount they wish. This can be higher or lower than the amount you have suggested. We recommend that you set at least one object group on 'suggested', as this will make your fundraising appeal as inclusive as possible.
  • Minimum donations require donors to give the set amount or more. This can be useful if you are trying to achieve a specific fundraising target or where an object is particularly desirable, eg. the star at the top of a Christmas tree.

Donation amount

Set an amount for each object on your page. Depending on the donation type that has been set for the object (see above), this setting will either say 'Suggested donation amount' or 'Minimum donation amount'. As a general rule, we would recommend the following:

  • If the objects on your page are different sizes, set the smallest one to the lowest value. People will be prepared to give more for a larger object.
  • If there are different numbers of each object on your page, set the object that appears most frequently to the lowest value. People will be prepared to give more for a more limited object.
  • If there is only one of a specific object on your page, set this to an amount that might appeal to one of your charity's major donors.

Non donations

By default, 'Allow non-donations' is set to 'No'. This means that a donation is required in order to reveal an object on the page.

If you want to allow supporters to use an object and leave a message without being required to make a donation, set this option to 'Yes'. This setting only applies to objects set on suggested donation type.

Allowing non donations makes your page as inclusive as possible, and can be useful if the page is being used for a dual purpose, eg. fundraising and as a charitable service. For example, some charities may choose to use their page to offer comfort to their supporters and/or provide bereavement support.

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