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Adding offline donations

This document is only applicable to charity users
Please note that you must be logged into your charity account and viewing a page that you have already published to access this feature.

Adding offline donations to a page can serve several purposes:

  • Demonstrate how your page works to your first visitors, using inspiring messages and images
  • Add messages or names reflecting donations you have received via another channel (eg. if a supporter donates by post).

You can add up to 10 offline donations per page using a template from the library. Unlimited offline donations are available as a premium feature.

example of offline donation button that is only visible to page owners who are logged in

Adding an offline donation

  • Login to your account
  • View your published page
  • Select any object & click Add offline donation on the pop-up message.
    Or, if you do not want to use an object, click Add offline donation from the main menu.
  • Write your message and upload a picture if required.
  • Optional: Add a donation amount. This will be reflected in the total displayed on your page, if enabled.
  • Click Continue

Deleting an offline donation

  • Navigate to the Donated Objects section of your page settings
  • Click on the offline message you would like to delete
  • Click Delete from the message details
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