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Last updated: 12-11-2019

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


What is Visufund?

Visufund is an online visual fundraising platform that allows people to visually represent their support or contribution to a page by leaving a personal message by an object or picture of their choice. As more people give, more of the picture is revealed.

Who can sign up to Visufund?

Anybody. If you are simply leaving a message or making a donation through a page, you do not require an account.

If you would like to create your own pages, there are two distinct account types - supporter and charity. Visufund is available to any registered charitable organisation in our supported countries and currencies. We also accept registrations from CASCs and other not-for-profit organisations - please contact us prior to creating an account if your organisation is not an officially registered charity or you cannot see your currency/country listed here.

AustraliaAU$ (AUD)
CanadaCA$ (CAD)
Ireland€ (EUR)
New ZealandNZ$ (NZD)
United Kingdom£ (GBP)
United StatesUS$ (USD)

How much does it cost to use Visufund?

It is completely free for anyone to sign up and publish pages on Visufund. We don’t charge any subscription fees to charities or members, which means more money reaches good causes through our fundraising pages. When donations are made through a page, we deduct a small fee of 3.9% from the donation to cover our running costs. In practice, this means we’re able to:

  • Constantly monitor the website
  • Respond to queries and provide help to charities and individual users
  • Keep up-to-date with best practice and regulatory changes
  • Continue developing more templates and facilities to make the experience better every time you visit

A small payment processing fee is also deducted from donations by our trusted payment processor.

In addition, we offer optional costed products to charities, should they have any additional requirements using our service. You can read more about our fees here.

Is Visufund safe?

Yes. We take security very seriously. Our website has a secure certificate (usually indicated by a green padlock in the address bar on your browser) and is protected by Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security, which means that any data that is sent between you and the website is encrypted, so it can't be eavesdropped by anyone. We do not collect or store any of your personal payment information (eg. card details), and any donation you make is held in a secure account that can only be accessed by your chosen charity. All payments are handled by Stripe, a fully PCI compliant secure payment gateway trusted by over 100,000 businesses around the world. If you want to learn more, you can also read our Privacy Policy here.

Where can I see some existing Visufund pages?

You can view all pages by clicking Explore from the menu. If you just want to see pages created by charities, you can find them here: View all charity pages.

Guests and Donors

Contributing to a page

How do I contribute to a page?

Each page starts with a picture. The picture grows with each contribution. To contribute:

  • Choose an item from the menu to add to the picture.
  • When you are happy with your choice, click ‘Select & donate’ (fundraising pages) or 'Select & leave message' (message boards).
  • Write your message and choose how much to donate, if applicable.
  • Your item and message will instantly appear on the page after all forms have been completed.

If you do not wish to reveal an item, use the ‘Donation only’ or 'Message only' button instead. You will still have the option to leave a message on the page, and you'll be able to donate any amount you wish (fundraising pages).

Can my message be anonymous?

Yes, when completing the message form, simply leave the "From" field blank or write something that does not personally identify you.

How much should I give?

You can give any amount you wish. If you're on a fundraising page, some items may require a minimum donation in order to be revealed - this will be stated when the item is selected.

Why do you need my email address?

When you contribute to a page, we'll send you an email with a link to your message and an acknowledgement from the page owner. This email will also contain a link to allow you to edit your message, in case you've made a mistake. We won't add your email address to any mailing lists unless you've asked us to do so.

How do I send an e-card?

When leaving a message, you'll have the option to send an e-card. This is an email that is sent to someone else containing a direct link to your message. To do this, simply tick the e-card box on the message form - you will be prompted to provide the name and email address of the recipient, and you can also write a short private message to them.

How do I pay?

Once you've completed the checkout form and clicked the 'Donate' button, you will be redirected to a secure checkout page to make your payment. You can pay using any major credit or debit card, or with a digital wallet (eg. Apple Pay).

After contributing to a page

I've made a spelling mistake. How do I edit my message?

You can edit your message within 7 days by following the link in your email receipt.

How can I share my message with friends and family?

Your message will instantly pop-up on the page when you've completed the forms and, on fundraising pages, when your payment has been successful. Click the share icon in the message pop-up to post a direct link to your message on Facebook or Twitter. You can also use a web address (URL) to share on other platforms or to send to family and friends by email. Click the link icon to view and copy the URL of your message; these URLs are also sent out to you via email receipt.

I can't find my message on the website. Where is it?

Use the search button (magnifying glass icon) to find a name or piece of text you left in your message. Also, you can use the link(s) sent out in your email receipt.

Are you able to send me a certificate or letter by post as proof of my contribution?

We suggest you speak directly to your chosen charity for requests such as this. You can find a contact email address and telephone number for the charity by selecting 'About Page' on all fundraising pages.

Registered Individual Users

Your account

How do I create an account on Visufund?

There are two ways to create an account. If you are contributing to a page on the website, you can tick the box on the checkout form and choose a password to create your account - all the information you have entered on the form will be populated into your account when you next log in, which will save you time on setting up your profile. Alternatively, you can create an account by clicking here.

I've forgotten my password. How can I access my account?

Go to the Login screen and click 'Forgot password?' to receive an email with a link to recover your password.


What's the difference between a fundraising page and a message board?

A fundraising page allows you to collect donations and raise money for any charity that has an account with us. If you don't want to fundraise through your page, you can choose to create a message board instead by clicking 'I don't want to fundraise' when you're asked to select a charity.

How do I create a Visufund page?

Go to Templates to choose the design you would like to use for your page. Then, click 'Create a page with this template'. This will take you to your page settings where you will be prompted to personalise your page and set it up ready for publishing. Read a detailed guide about creating a page by clicking here.

The charity I want to raise money for isn't listed on Visufund. What shall I do?

It is only possible to raise money for a charity that has registered with Visufund using this website. If your chosen charity is not listed, we advise you to contact your chosen charity directly to ask them to sign up for a free charity account on Visufund. Alternatively, click 'I don't want to fundraise' when setting up your page - this will allow you to collect and display messages, but will not enable you to collect donations.

How do I know who has contributed to my page? I want to send a thank you message.

In order to comply with data protection laws, we are only able to provide you with the names of anyone who supports your page, and we cannot provide access to any other personal data. A thank you message is included in the automatic email that is sent to everyone who contributes to a page. If you wish, you can personalise this message in 'General Settings'.

I've been raising money through my page. How do I give it to the charity?

All donations are sent securely and directly to the charity. Once you've published your page and started fundraising, you don't need to do anything else to ensure it reaches them safely.

How long will my page stay online?

Once your page is published, it will remain online for as long as you wish. If you do not want to keep your page online, simply click 'Offline Page' in General Settings.


Your account

How do we sign up?

You can create an account for your charity by clicking here. Just select the 'Charity' option and enter a few details about you and your charity to sign up for free. You will be prompted for all the information required.

Can we create an account if we don't have a registered charity number?

Please contact us if you do not have a registered charity number. We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Can we add multiple users to our charity account?

Yes. We strongly advise creating user accounts for every person in your charity who requires access to your account. You can set different permission levels (eg. read-only) for each user and there's more information about adding additional users to your account in this guide.

I've forgotten my password. How can I access my account?

Go to the Login screen and click 'Forgot password?' to receive an email with a link to recover your password.

Receiving funds

How do we receive funds?

In order to accept donations through this platform, we require you to connect a Stripe account to your Visufund account. This will allow your supporters to donate directly to you using their credit/debit card or digital wallet (eg. Apple Pay). You can use an existing Stripe account to do this or create a new account in minutes by following our simple guide. Read more about Stripe Connect.

When do we receive our funds?

All funds are paid directly into your Connected Stripe account, less fees. These will be paid out to your nominated bank account according to the payout schedule on your Stripe account. By default, funds become available after 7 days and payouts are sent daily.

How is Gift Aid paid? (UK charities only)

We don't currently claim Gift Aid on your behalf. However, we do collect valid Gift Aid declarations and provide all the donor data required to enable you to reclaim Gift Aid via your usual method. Read more about Gift Aid.

Creating pages

How do we create a Visufund page?

Go to Templates to choose the design you would like to use for your page and click Create a page with this template. This will take you to your page settings where you can follow the prompts to customise your page and set it up ready for publishing. Read a detailed guide about creating a page by clicking here.

Can our supporters create their own pages and raise money for us?

Yes, absolutely. Once you have set up your charity account, your supporters will be able to create their own fundraising pages for you using any template from our library or any template designs you own (if enabled). We provide you with bespoke links that you can share on your website and social media channels to ensure that your charity is pre-selected as the beneficiary of any fundraising page created by your supporters. Read more about promoting individual fundraising to your supporters.

What settings can we customise on our page?

You can change a number of different settings on any template from our library, including adding your brand colours and logo to the header, choosing a message format for donor display, allowing photo upload on donor messages, and setting a page web address. In addition, if you own a template, you'll have access to an even greater selection of premium settings, including additional branding opportunities. A full list of features is available here.

Can we design our own template for a fundraising page?

Yes. If there's nothing suitable for your campaign in our library of free templates, we also offer a range of products and services, including the option to design a new template to your exact specification. Read more about our Template Products.

Our fundraising page has filled up quicker than we expected and there are hardly any objects left! What should we do?

You have two options here. Once your page is full, page visitors will still be able to donate and leave a message, although this will not reveal any new objects on your page. Alternatively, you can create another page by clicking 'Duplicate Page' in General Settings. This will have exactly the same settings as the original page, although it will require a new title and web address. You can link the pages together in Page Groups to create buttons on both pages to help donors navigate between them.

One of our supporters has donated offline. Can we add their message to our Visufund page?

Yes, you can add offline donations and messages to any page by clicking an available object on your page and clicking 'Add offline donation'. Read more about adding offline message to a page.

Can we embed a Visufund page on our website?

Yes. You can insert a specially crafted HTML <iframe> element on your website, allowing you to display a live preview of your page. Learn more about embedding.

How long will our page stay online?

Once your page is published, it will remain online for as long as you wish. If you do not want to keep your page online, simply click Offline Page in General Settings. Alternatively, you may prefer to click Archive Page instead - this keeps the page online without being able to accept new donations, and allows your supporters to revisit their messages at any time.


How can we see how many page hits we've had?

Go into the General Settings of the page you would like to analyse. In Page Summary, you can see the total number of hits your page has had since it was published. For a more detailed breakdown, you can download a daily summary of page hits and activity by using the Reports tool, setting your date range, and downloading Daily Page Activity. This can help you to analyse the success of any marketing or promotional campaigns you have been running.

What happens to the donor data that you collect on our behalf?

We give you full access to all the data collected through our platform for your charity, which you can access via your secure login or through downloadable reports. To maximise conversion rates, our dynamic donation form means that we only collect required data. If your supporter declares Gift Aid with their donation, we will request their home address to allow you to make your Gift Aid claim. Likewise, if they consent to further marketing by telephone, they will be prompted for a phone number, etc. You can set your own marketing preferences and communication methods in Charity Account in order to capture the data you require. Read more about donor checkout settings.

Can you send us some example reports of the data we'll receive?

We know you'll want to check how your data is presented to you, so our pages are in test mode before you publish them. This means you can make some test donations on your pages (no payment or card details required) and download the reports using your own test data. When you're ready to publish, you can delete all your test data if you wish.

What does 0 and 1 mean on our reports?

Some of the data on the reports is presented in Boolean format, eg. Gift Aid declarations - 0 means false (no) and 1 means true (yes).

Not found what you're looking for?

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