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Customising 'Object Settings'

Editing Object Settings is completely optional, but by doing so, you can really tailor your page to suit your audience. By default, all the settings will have been pre-populated, but you can change these here if you wish.

This guide explains each setting in more detail, and describes the changes you can make to personalise your page.


Visufund object settings example

You'll see a picture of each available object on your template. The box at the top will tell you:

  • How many of these items are still available
  • The number that have already been used
  • If fundraising, the average donation and total value received.


This is the name of your object, as it will be displayed on your page. Charity members can edit this by clicking on the icon. You might want to re-name some of the objects to suit your branding or appeal language, eg. change 'Star' to 'Star of Hope'.

Donation type

You can choose whether to set each object as a 'suggested' or 'minimum' donation type. Suggested donations allow your supporters to give any amount they choose - this may be more or less than your suggested value. Donations set to 'minimum' can only be made at the recommended amount or higher.

We would recommend always setting your lowest value object to 'suggested', as this will make your page accessible to the largest number of donors. For high value objects, such as a top star on a Christmas tree, we would recommend setting this to 'minimum' to ensure the item is reserved for a high value gift only, which will maximise the fundraising potential of your page. For example, if you had set the top star at a suggested value of £500, and someone gave £5, the item would no longer be available and you could potentially miss out on a significant gift to your cause.

The donation type can be changed at any time. If you are near the end of your fundraising appeal and you still have plenty of objects left, you can change everything to suggested to encourage a few more donations towards the end to fill your picture.


You know your audience better than anyone, so if you think the values we've suggested are too high/low, you can change the amounts here.

Like 'donation type', you can change the amount at any time during your fundraising appeal. For example, if you had plenty of objects still available towards the end of your appeal, you could reduce the amounts for a day and promote this on social media to generate some further donations.

Sell out potential

To help you forecast your fundraising total, when you change the amount of an object, we'll show you the total amount you could raise if every object was donated at the value you have set. This can be particularly useful if you are trying to achieve a target. Tip - try increasing the donation amount by £5 and see what a difference this could make to your total!

Donation button text (Charity accounts only)

Change the words on the donation button to suit your language. For example, if you've changed the name of an object from 'Star' to 'Star of Hope', you'll want the button to say 'Donate the Star of Hope'.

Where there is more than one object available (eg. if you have 100 lights on your tree), the donation button should refer to the object in its singular form - eg. 'Switch on a light'. When the donor clicks on the button, one object of that type will be selected at random.

Object colour options

Some templates allow you to set your own colour palette for donors to choose from. If colour options are available for an object, 'Colour Options: Yes' will be displayed.

You can choose up to 10 different colours. Once you have set your colour palette, we advise viewing your page and clicking 'Shuffle Donation States' to see how your page might look when donations have been made.

3 virtual christmas trees with different colourful lights

Non donations

If you want to allow supporters to use an object on your page and leave a message without being required to make a donation, set this option to 'Yes'. Non-donors who choose to leave a message only will still be required to complete the donation form, and charities will be able to access this data. This setting applies to objects on 'suggested donation' only.

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