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Customising Message Settings

This document is only applicable to charity users

Customising the message settings is an ideal way to capture the information you require from your supporters. This facility is only available to our charity members.

Message Settings

Allow photo upload

If you want to invite your donors to upload a photo with their message, set this to Yes.

Message preset

Start by choosing a preset for the form and message. These settings can only be changed prior to publishing your page. You can choose from the following:

  • [message],[from name] - eg. 'Great cause, very happy to support this charity, 'John'
  • To [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. To 'Sarah', 'Wishing you a very happy birthday', 'Michael'
  • Remembering [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. Remembering 'Grandad', 'We miss you loads!' From 'Josh and Ellie'
  • Dedicated to [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. Dedicated to 'My beautiful wife', 'To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary', 'Your loving husband'
  • [to name],[message],[from name] - eg. 'Katie', 'We think of you often', 'Sally and Jim next door'

You'll see a preview of the form and message when you select a different preset. Pick whichever one best suits the theme of your page.

Please note that you cannot change the preset of your messages after your page has been published. Please contact us if you need any support.

Message Form Settings**


Depending on which preset you have selected, you will be presented with the various questions that you can ask your supporters. You can change the exact wording of the questions here.

  • Question: The question that is displayed on the message form.
  • Tip: If you want the answers to presented in a particular way (eg. First Name & Surname Only), write this here.
  • Blank default: This is what will be displayed if the donor does not enter anything in the box. You can leave this empty if you do not want anything to be displayed.

Additional Questions**

Create up to 3 additional questions on the donor checkout form. For example, you could use these questions to ask your supporters how many tickets they would like for your event, or whether they would like to receive a thank you card in the post.

  • Question: This is the question you are asking the donor.
  • Answer options: Please list the answer options for your donors to select. Separate each option with a comma (eg. None,1,2,3,4,5). The first option in your list will be selected by default.
  • Enabled: This option will be displayed once you have completed the above settings. Set this value to Yes when you are ready to display this question on the donation form.
  • Reset: Click this to reset all the settings above.

Accessing data from your additional questions

You will be able to view each supporter's answers to your questions in Transactions. The data can also be downloaded using the Donation Transactions report.

Twitter Settings**

Page Tweet

When someone shares your page on Twitter, you can set the default Tweet that is displayed. By default, page shares say "Look at this fundraising page for [Charity Name]".

Donated Object Tweet

Each object on the page has its own URL, which means that your supporters can share their individual messages with their friends and family. By default, donated object shares say "Look at this gift to [Charity Name]." You can change this here if you wish.


When someone shares your page or their donated object, you can also add include a hashtag to the message. This can help you to promote your appeal or group together similar messages. If enough people share your hashtags at the same time, you might even end up trending on Twitter!

**Premium pages only

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