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Customising 'General Settings'

Once you have picked your template and created a page, you will be invited to update some of the options within 'General Settings'. This guide explains what each option means, and how you can make changes to personalise your page. You can edit anything with a pencil mark by it.

General Settings

Page title

Give your page a title so it can be easily identified. The name of your page is displayed on acknowledgement emails when someone contributes, and will also be displayed in the browser.

If you're fundraising, there's no need to include the name of the charity in the title as this information is displayed elsewhere. You might want to give your page a title that reflects the name of your fundraising appeal, or for individual pages, you might want to include your own name (eg. Tom's Marathon Challenge).

Web address

The web address will automatically update to match your page title. If you want to change it to something more memorable, you can edit this here.

If you are using multiple words, we advise separating them with hyphens (eg. It is not possible to change your URL after publishing your page, so make sure you're happy with it before going live. Read more about setting up a page URL in this article.

Page type (Individual accounts only)

You can select either 'Fundraising' or 'Message Board'. Both page types allow you to collect and display messages. Fundraising pages also allow you to raise money for a chosen charity.

Fundraising target (Fundraising pages only)

If you're trying to raise a specific fundraising target, you can enter this here. This will be displayed on your page so visitors can see how well you are doing against your target. If you don't want to display a target here, leave this blank or enter '0'.

Beneficiary (Fundraising pages only)

Choose which charity to raise money for by editing this option. Some templates are owned exclusively by certain charities, in which case it may not be possible to change the beneficiary.


Private pages can only be accessed by the URL, and will not appear on the Visufund browser. This is ideal for individuals who want to create a private page to share with friends and family only.

We would advise charities to ensure this setting is set to 'No' to ensure that public fundraising appeals can be easily accessed by anyone.


Your page status will be displayed here.

  • Unpublished - page has not been published online yet
  • Offline - previously online, but now taken offline
  • Archived - currently online, donations disabled
  • Published - currently online and accepting donations

About Page

This is your opportunity to share your story and inspire others to contribute to your page. This story is displayed in 'About Page', and will be shown in the summary when someone shares your page on social media.

If you're fundraising through your page, use this space to explain why you are raising funds and how donations will make a difference.

You can write anything here, but if you need some ideas, a good structure would include the following:

  • A bit about you
  • If your page is dedicated to someone special, write something about them too
  • Why you have created the page or why you are raising money for a particular cause
  • How each contribution will make a difference

Thank you message

When somebody chooses to contribute to your page, they will receive an email from Visufund giving them a link back to your page to see or edit their message. You can add your own message to include in this email here.

We would recommend using this opportunity to say thank you, and if appropriate, telling them a bit more about what you're doing. For example, if you're using your page to raise money for an event such as a bike ride or race, you could invite your supporters to come and cheer you on.

Share Image

This is the picture that will be displayed when your page is shared on social media. You can upload your own image here or use the default one provided. If your page is dedicated to someone special, you might want to share a photo of them here.

To ensure your image displays in its best format, we recommend a resolution of 1200 x 630px where possible.

Object Summary

visufund object summary

Here you can see a summary of all the different objects that can be selected on your template. As contributions are made to your page, you will see how many of each object has been used and how many are still available.

If you're fundraising, you'll also see the total amount donated and the average value of each donation. To change the suggested donation amounts, go to 'Object Settings'. Read more about Object Settings in this guide.

Page Summary

This section gives you complete summary of:

  • How many times your page has been viewed
  • How many contributions you've received
  • The total amount you've raised, if fundraising
  • .

Charity members will also be able to see a summary of the platform fees and payment processing fees that have been applied to any donations raised through their pages.

Stripe Connect

Learn about connecting a Stripe account to Visufund (Charity Only)

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