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Customising General Settings

Once you have chosen a template and created a page, you'll be directed to General Settings to begin personalising your page. You can edit anything that has the pencil/edit icon next to it.

General Settings

Fundraising Page / Message Board

Fundraising Page

By default, your page is set as Fundraising Page. If you are a supporter, you can select which charity you want to fundraise for by clicking Select a charity or Change charity. Charity users can only create fundraising pages for their own charity.

Message Board

If you don't want to fundraise you can change your page to a Message Board by clicking I don't want to fundraise. Message boards are not available on progressive only templates and supporter pages using a charity owned template. If you want to switch back to a fundraising page, click I want to fundraise.

Page title

Give your page a title so other people can find it easily. You might want to give your page a title that reflects the name of your fundraising appeal (eg. Light Up A Life), or individuals might like to include their name (eg. Tom's Marathon Challenge).

Page Address

The web address automatically updates to match your page title. If you want to change it to something more memorable, you can edit this here.

If you are using multiple words, we advise separating them with hyphens (eg. It is not possible to change your URL after publishing your page, so make sure you're happy with it before going live. Read more about setting up a page URL in this article.

Upload Image (selected templates only)

This option will be displayed when you can upload your own image to use within the page. For example, jigsaws and selected tribute templates (eg. Photo Memories). Please upload a high resolution image. You can use the cropping tool to ensure your picture is the right size and shape.

About Page

This is your opportunity to share your story and inspire others to contribute to your page. This story is displayed in 'About Page', and will be shown in the summary when someone shares your page on social media.

If you're fundraising, use this space to explain why you're raising funds and how donations will make a difference.

You can write anything here, but if you need some ideas, a good structure would include the following:

  • A bit about you
  • If your page is dedicated to someone special, write something about them too
  • Why you have created the page or why you are raising money for a particular cause
  • How each contribution will make a difference

Display Name

Your name will be displayed on every page you create. You can change how your name appears (eg. if your page has been created on behalf of a group) by editing the Display Name.

Page Mode

Some pages have the option to be set to Object or Progressive.

  • Object: Supporters are invited to select and reveal a specific object on the page with their donation. For example, one flower represents one donation.
  • Progressive: The page grows to represent progress against a fundraising target. For example, if the target is £100 and someone donates £50, half of the objects will be revealed.

Fundraising Target & Total

If you're trying to raise a specific fundraising target, you can enter this here. Please note that if you have set your page mode to Progressive, a fundraising target is required.

Thank You Message

When somebody contributes to your page, they will receive an email giving them a link to view or edit their message. You can add your own personal message to include in this email here.

Share Image

This is the picture that will be displayed when your page is shared on social media. You can upload your own image or use the default one provided. If your page is dedicated to someone special, you might want to share a photo of them here.

To ensure your image displays in its best format, we recommend a resolution of 1200px x 630px where possible.

Charity accounts only

Message Settings

If you'd like to invite your contributors to upload a photo with their message, set Allow photo upload to 'Yes'. This could work very well for pages that are dedicated to someone, either in memory or to celebrate a special date such as a birthday fundraiser.

You'll also be able to select a preset for your donor message display. For example, if your page is for In Memory messages, you might choose Dedicated To or Remembering. A preview of your chosen message format is displayed so that you can see how this looks. Please note that this setting can only be changed before your page is published - if you need to change it after publishing, please contact us.

Page Header

You can choose either a solid colour or transparent (invisible) header for your page. If you want to add branding to your page, choose the solid colour option and you'll be able to pick an exact colour from your charity brand.

You can also change your page logo here. By default, your main charity logo will be displayed. If you wish, you can upload an alternative logo to be displayed in the header. We recommend using a PNG file with an image on a transparent background.

Supporter Fundraising Link

If you have enabled one of your own templates for supporter fundraising, you can display a button on your page to invite supporters to create their own page. Choose a template and write a call to action on the button, eg. 'Create your own tree'. A link to your template will also be shared in the 'Thank You' email when a donation is made.

Read more about Customising Message Settings.

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