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Creating a page

Creating a page on Visufund only takes one minute. Watch the video below and follow this guide to find out more about the steps required to create your first page.

1. Choose a template

Every Visufund page starts with a template. Anyone can choose a free template from our library or, if you're a charity member, you can create your own template design.

Once you're happy with the template you've chosen, click 'Create a Fundraising Page'. Individual members can also choose to 'Create a Message Board', which disables fundraising on the page.

2. Follow the to-do list

You'll be presented with a bullet point list of the steps you need to take before you can publish your page, such as giving your page a title. After completing these steps, your page is ready to be published, unless you want to personalise it further. We advise clicking 'View Page' to preview how it looks at it this stage.

3. Optional advanced settings

Your page will be created using default settings, such as suggested donation amounts and display colours. Click through each settings heading in the menu and change any option where you see the edit icon displayed.

In summary, these are some of the settings you might want to change.

General Settings
Write a personal thank you message or change the image that's displayed when your page is shared on social media. Read more about customising General Settings.

Object Settings
Change the suggested/minimum donation amounts for each object or, if colour options are available on your template, set your colour palette. Read more about customising Object Settings.

Display Settings
Change the button colours or adjust various settings to change how your page looks. Read more about customising Display Settings.

Message Settings (charity only)
Change how the messages are displayed and adjust the language of the questions on the form. Read more about customising Message Settings.

4. Publish and share

We'll email you a link to your page once it's been published. Don't forget to share it!

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