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Creating a page

Whether you're a charity or a supporter, creating a Visufund page only takes one minute. Watch the video below and follow this guide to find out more about the steps required to create your first page.

1. Choose a template

Every Visufund page starts with a template. Anyone can use any template from our library to create a page for free.

Once you're happy with the template you've chosen, click Create a Page with this Template.

2. Complete a few basic settings

Scroll through the setup form to complete a few basic settings before publishing, such as giving your page a title. At the end of completing the form, you'll see a button inviting you to publish your page.

Click here to see an overview of all the features and settings you can change.

3. Publish and share

When you're ready, click the button that says Publish Page. Some settings can't be changed after publishing (eg. page web address), so we'll ask you to confirm these are correct before proceeding. Once your page has been published, we'll send you a confirmation email with some tips on how to share it.

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