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Setting up your charity account & profile

This document is only applicable to charity users

Charity Account & Profile

Your logo, contact details and description ('About the Charity') will be displayed on your Charity Profile Page, and in the 'About Page' section of every page that is published for you, including your own pages and those created by individual fundraisers.

Your charity logo is displayed on all pages created by you and your supporters. We recommend the following formats and specifications:

  • Landscape orientated version if available
  • PNG-24 file type (e.g. charitylogo.png)
  • Transparent background (as opposed to solid white)
  • High quality image, ideally at least 1000 pixels on one side
  • Minimal margin between logo and sides of image

Charity Details & Contact

  • Charity name: Please include your full charity name.
  • Charity number: Please include your registered charity number(s). If you have more than one (eg. if you are registered in Scotland as well as England & Wales), separate the numbers with a space.
  • Website: Please add a link to your website so your supporters can find out more about your great work.
  • Email: Please include an email address here that you're happy to share publicly. Some charities prefer to use a general email (eg. rather than a personal address here.
  • Telephone: Please include a phone number so your supporters can contact you with any queries. Like the email address, this should be a number you are happy to share publicly with your supporters.

Charity Address

Please provide us with your registered charity address. This should match the details on your website and with the Charity Commission to enable us to validate your account. We will use this address on any official paperwork (eg. invoices).

About the Charity

Write a general description about what your charity does here. You may already have a version of this on your own website under the heading of 'What We Do' or similar. This description is included on every page published for your charity, included those created by individuals, so it shouldn't be about a specific appeal. You'll have the opportunity to write a specific story for your appeal when you create a page.

Thank You Message

Write a general thank you message here, which will be sent out whenever someone donates to you through the profile page or on a page that was created by one of your supporters. This will become the default thank you message on your own pages too, which you can amend on each page if you want to write something more specific.

Twitter Settings

If your charity has a Twitter account you can enter your username or handle here. When someone tweets from a page or contribution, your handle is included as part of the default tweet. You do not need to include the @ symbol.

Brand Colours

If you use specific colours in your marketing materials, enter the hexadecimal RGB reference numbers here from your brand guidelines. When you're creating pages, these colours will be listed whenever you are choosing colours for your page, eg. page header.

Stripe Account

In order to accept donations through our platform, you'll need to connect a Stripe account. You can connect an existing account or we can help you create one. Read more about connecting a Stripe account.

Donor Checkout Settings

Opt-in Categories

If your charity uses granular consent in your data protection statements, you can enable up to 4 reasons for processing data here. This allows your supporters to give consent to hearing from you about specific topics, such as fundraising appeals, events, campaigning, news, etc.

To use Opt-in Categories, set a title (eg. Events) and set 'Enabled' to Yes. Please note that it is not possible to amend a title of an opt-in category once that field has been enabled. This to ensure the quality of your data in future reports.

When you enable any opt-in categories, the following data protection statement will be displayed: [Charity Name] would like to keep you up to date with useful information about their work. I would like to receive updates about (please tick): [Category 1], [Category 2], [Category 3], etc

If no categories are enabled, a general statement will be displayed: [Charity Name] would like to keep you up to date with news, campaigns and how you can help support their work.

Opt-in Methods

Set which contact methods you use to communicate with your supporters (post, email, telephone and SMS), and we'll invite them to give their consent to opt-in to future marketing from you.

Privacy Policy

Add a link to your charity's own privacy policy, which will be displayed as a link on the donation form.

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