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Buy a Template

Anyone can create and publish pages for free using a template from our library. Charity members also have the option to buy a template in order to access premium features.

You will need to be logged in to your charity account to buy a template. If you have not completed your charity profile & settings, please do this before buying a template.

Buy a Template

There are two ways to start the process:

  • Click Buy This Template on a template page.
  • Click Buy This Template on a page using the template.

At this point you will be presented with a short form which requires some basic details to proceed.


This section indicates which template you have selected. If you have selected the wrong template, navigate back to find the correct one and start again.

Template Title

Give your new template an appropriate title. If you are using this template for your own fundraising pages, give it a name you can easily recognise. If you are planning to use the template for your supporters to create their own fundraising pages, consider a title that your supporters will recognise too. You can change this later if required.


This is the permanent web address where your template can be found. A default address will be created after you have entered a template title; you can override this if required. If your template is going to be used for supporter fundraising, this is the address you will be sharing to invite them to fundraise for you. You will not be able to change the web address of your template, so please ensure it is suitable.


Once you are happy with your selection & settings, click Buy Template £39 to complete the purchase.


On success, your new template will be immediately available. Any current and all future pages created with the template will have access to all premium settings & features. If you want to set up your template for your supporters to use, click Supporter Fundraising Setup on the template page. You will receive an invoice for your purchase within 7 days.

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