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Branding your page

This document is only applicable to charity users

This document refers to premium features. Read more.

There are many ways to add your charity branding to a fundraising page on Visufund.

The best way to get started is to set your brand colour references in Charity Account. This will display your brand colours in the top row of the colour picker whenever you have the option to choose colours.

Page logo & header

In General Settings, you can choose either a solid colour or transparent (invisible) header for your page.

To brand your page, choose the solid colour option and pick a colour from your charity brand.

A logo can also be added to your page - this is displayed in the top left corner of your page. By default, this will be your charity logo but you can upload an alternative image if required. We recommend using a PNG file with an image on a transparent background.

Page logo and header
The page logo and header can be changed to suit your charity's brand

Button & message colours

Colour options in Display Settings
Button colours can be changed in Display Settings.

Button & message colours can be changed in Display Settings. The preview box will update as you make changes to the colours.

Change any colour by clicking on it and selecting a different colour. When choosing colours, we advise you to ensure that text can be read clearly. For maximum contrast, light backgrounds require dark text, and darker backgrounds require light text. The system will warn you if the colour contrast ratio is too low for your buttons and message box. If you would like to test your colour combinations for accessibility, we recommend this online tool.

You can restore the default colours on the buttons and messages at any time by clicking Reset colours.

Saving colours

Once you have set your button and message colours to match your brand, you have the option to Save these colours for future.

Once you have saved your colours, these can be applied to any future page you create. To do this, simply click Apply my saved colours.

Object colour options

Object colour options
Change the object colours in Object Settings

Some templates allow you to set a palette for your supporters to pick a colour for their object. This can be set in Object Settings.

If colour options are available for a particular object, 'Colour Options: Yes' will be displayed.

Pre-selection colour: Choose a colour for your object before the supporter has selected their own colour.

Available colours: Set your own colour palette for your supporters to choose a colour from. You can offer a choice of up to 10 different colours - set the number of colours you require. Set this value to:

  • 0 to use the original design colours.
  • 1 to use a single colour, set by you.
  • 2-10 to offer a colour choice to your supporters. You can define a colour palette here.

Once you have set your colour palette, we advise viewing your page and clicking the Shuffle! button to see how your page might look as donations are made.

3 virtual christmas trees with different colourful lights
A virtual Christmas tree shown with different colour palettes, allowing charities to brand their pages and invite donors to choose a colour for their light
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