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Benefits of supporter fundraising

This document is only applicable to charity users

One of the many benefits of having a charity account on Visufund is that your supporters will be able to create their own visual fundraising pages for you.

Benefits of supporter fundraising

✔ Capture inspiring personal stories

When supporters choose to raise money for you, it's usually because they have a personal connection with your cause. By encouraging them to share their own story in their own words, others will be more inspired to give. By telling their story, it will also help your supporter feel closer to your cause.

✔ Build stronger relationships

When choosing your charity as the beneficiary for their fundraising page, you know your supporter is already passionate about your cause. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get in touch, find out more about them and discuss other ways they might like to be involved.

✔ Reach wider audiences

Your supporters will be promoting your charity to their own networks, including some people who may not have previously been aware of your good work. For example, if they have created a page remembering a loved one, other people who miss that person will want to support the page. This could include work colleagues or neighbours who might not usually give to your charity.

✔ Increase brand awareness

Encouraging your supporters to create their own pages with your own template designs will help to increase brand awareness of your logo, colour palette, and any imagery that is associated with your charity.

✔ Raise more money

In the short-term, encouraging others to fundraise for your charity will help to generate more income. In the long-term, by building relationships with your supporters, they will be more likely to support you for many years.

How to promote supporter fundraising

Your Templates

If you own a template, you can set this up to look exactly the way you want when your supporters create their own pages. This includes adding your own brand colours to the buttons and messages, including a specific campaign logo in the header, and even optionally writing a default About Page for all pages created by your supporters. Your supporters won't even need to select you as their preferred charity - your templates can only be used to create fundraising pages for you.

Your template will have its own unique web address, so when you share this with your supporters, they'll be able to use this link to create their own pages for you that look exactly the way you want.

Find out how to prepare a template for supporter fundraising.

Built-in Templates

Whether you own the template or not, your supporters can choose any template from our library to create a fundraising page for your charity.

If you want to promote a specific template to your supporters:

  • Login to your charity account
  • Navigate to Templates
  • Click on the template you want to promote
  • Copy the address in 'Fundraising Invitation'
  • Share this address with your supporters by email or social media

This address will take your supporters directly to your chosen template. When they create a fundraising page using this address, your charity will be automatically selected as the beneficiary.

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