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Last updated: 23-09-2017

Terms & Conditions (Individual)


Visufund is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales (company registration number 10141346). Our registered office is at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. Visufund is an online visual tool to enable the collection of donations for UK registered charities and individual crowdfunding projects.

This is an agreement between Visufund (, hereafter referred to as the Website or Company, and any Registered User or Individual who chooses to make a donation on the Website. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, it is understood that the Individual agrees to the below Terms & Conditions.

A Registered User is defined as an Individual who has created a personal account with the Company, either for the purpose of faster checkout when making a donation or for the purpose of creating a fundraising page.

Your Donation

Donations to pages raising money for Charity

1.1.1 The Company has a separate agreement with all Charities supported by its platform, who are bound by separate Terms & Conditions.
1.1.2 Both registered charities and individual fundraisers may use the Website to create fundraising pages for the benefit of a Charity. It is possible to determine whether a page has been created by an Individual by reading the 'About Page' section. Regardless of how a page has been created, donations raised for Charity are sent to the Charity (minus relevant fees, see 1.1.6) and are not received by the named Individual.
1.1.3 Details of any donation(s) will be sent to the relevant Charity for administrative purposes. The Individual can find out more about how their donation will be used by clicking ‘About Page’. Any specific requests regarding the Charity or its use of donations should be made directly to the Charity. In addition, if the fundraising page has been created by an individual for the benefit of a Charity, the Individual will also receive the name and donation amount for every donation, but will not receive any other personal information.
1.1.4 The Company will transfer the Individual to a selected payment provider, Stripe (credit and debit cards) or PayPal, to collect payment for donations. Payments are protected and bound by the provider's own Terms and Conditions. PayPal Terms and Conditions and Stripe Terms and Conditions
1.1.5 When an Individual donates to a Charity through the Website and confirms that they are a UK taxpayer in accordance with the requirements of the Gift Aid scheme as they apply from time to time, the Charity can reclaim Gift Aid. It is the Individual's responsibility to ascertain whether they qualify for Gift Aid entitlement. If the Individual has any doubts about their entitlement for Gift Aid they should consult their own advisors or HMRC about any accounting, taxation or financial consequences of making a donation that may affect them. Further information on Gift Aid can be found at
1.1.6 The Company will deduct a service fee from each donation of no more than 5%.  In addition, the payment processor may also deduct a small fee from each donation, as defined by their own Terms and Conditions.

Donations to Crowdfunding Pages

1.2.1 Donations to Individual Crowdfunding pages will be transferred directly to the page owner to use as detailed in 'About Page'.  It is your responsibility, as the Donor, to ensure you are comfortable with the intended purpose of your funds, and if you have any doubts, you should not donate.
1.2.2 The page owner will be informed when you make a donation, and will receive your name and donation amount.  No other personal information will be provided to the page owner about your donation.
1.2.3 The Company will transfer the Individual to a selected payment provider, Stripe (credit and debit cards) or PayPal, to collect payment for donations. Payments are protected and bound by the provider's own Terms and Conditions. PayPal Terms and Conditions and Stripe Terms and Conditions
1.2.4 The Company will deduct a service fee from each donation of 5%.  In addition, the payment processor may also deduct a small fee from each donation, as defined by their own Terms and Conditions.

Your Data

2.1 In accordance with the Website Privacy Policy, the Company will not use any Individual data for any marketing purposes unless the Individual has explicitly opted in to receive email updates from the Company.
2.2 The Company will not misuse your data or sell any personal details to any third parties.
2.3.1 If donating to a Charity: The Company will pass personal information to the Charity for administrative purposes, and details of whether the Donor has consented to receive future marketing communications from the Charity.  This is also to enable the Charity to reclaim Gift Aid on donations, if declared.  It is the responsibility of the Charity to ensure that the Individual's personal data is treated appropriately and in accordance with current UK law and the Data Protection Act, including honouring any further contact requests.  The Company shall not be held responsible for any misuse of an Individual's personal information by the Charity.
2.3.2 If donating to a Crowdfunding page: The Company will pass your name and donation amount to the page owner.  No other personal information will be shared.
2.4 E-card only: The Company will not share any details with the Charity of the recipient of any e-card sent through the Website.
2.5 If an Individual wishes to make any changes to their personal information, mailing preferences, or wishes to amend the message left with a Donation, they must contact the page owner directly.
2.6 The Individual is reminded that any message left with a donation will be publicly visible on the internet, and should therefore ensure their message would be deemed appropriate by any reasonable person. The Company (or Charity, where appropriate) reserves the right to delete or amend any messages which are deemed offensive or inappropriate.

Refund Policy

3.1 Charity pages: Refund requests should be sent directly to the Charity using the contact details provided in ‘About Page’.  The Company shall not be held responsible for any decision made by the Charity hereafter.
3.2 Crowdfunding pages: Unless an error has been made in the process of donating, refunds cannot be processed for crowdfunding pages.  Any refund requests should be sent directly to the Company using the Contact form provided on the Website.

Registered Users Only

4.1 When an Individual registers for a secure account and chooses a password, they are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password to prevent others gaining access to personal information.
4.2 A Registered User may choose to crowdfund for their own good cause or raise money directly for any Charity that has an account with the Company.
4.2.1 The Registered User may only use the Website for crowdfunding if they are over the age of 18. Individuals under the age of 18 may use the Website to raise money for a Charity only, if they have permission from the Charity to do so. (See 4.4)
4.3 It is the responsibility of the Registered User to ensure the content of their page will not be deemed inappropriate or offensive by any reasonable person.  The Company holds the right to remove any inappropriate content at any time without warning.
4.4 If a Registered User is building a fundraising page, it is their responsibility to ensure that they have permission to do so from the person or organisation they are raising money for.
4.5 If an Individual is raising money for a registered Charity, donations will be posted directly to the Charity's Fund Account, and will not be received by the Individual.
4.6 If an Individual is crowdfunding, they must decide how long to keep their page open (30, 60, 90 or 120 days). Donations will be posted to their own Fund Account between seven and fourteen days after the page has expired. No donations will be sent to the Individual prior to this date. The Fund Account balance will be transferred to the Individual on the following Wednesday or Thursday.

Termination of Agreement

5.1 The Company may terminate or suspend access to an account immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, including without limitation if there is a breach of Terms.
5.2 All provisions of the Terms which, by their nature, should survive termination, shall survive termination.
5.3 An Individual may terminate their account, for any reason whatsoever, with the Company by submitting a request through the Website Contact form.


6.1 Any use made of this site (including donations made via the Website), are subject to these Terms & Conditions. The Company may, at its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms & Conditions at any time by updating the text of this page and so you should check these Terms regularly.

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