It is totally free for anyone to sign up and publish fundraising pages on Visufund. We simply deduct a 5% service fee and a payment processing fee* on donations.

Charity Products

As a registered charity user, you have access to other products and services.

Custom Templates

Custom template services allow you to create your own graphical interface for use on Visufund. Once a template has been developed and enabled, you can use it exclusively for an unlimited amount of pages you create with it. More information about custom templates.

Template UploadUpload your own vector design and convert it to a working template in your library£145
Template DesignVisufund's design service for creating a template based on your specification£390
Template ModNew template based on a modification of an existing template from the library. Price on application.£POA

Extension Pack

Publishing a page is free and expires after 6 months. If you require any page to remain online after this, you can add an extension or just use the auto renew facility.

6 MonthsExtends your page expiry by 6 months£19

*Maximum 3.4% + £0.20 per payment transaction. This rate can drop depending on our monthly volumes.