How it works

Fundraising on Visufund is easy

  1. Sign up to access the portal
  2. Create a page by selecting a template from our library
  3. Customise your page
  4. Publish your page
  5. Promote your page to your supporters and invite them to make donations
  6. Transfers of donations will be received by the chosen beneficiary

Graphical  & Jigsaw Templatesheartdon

Templates are the foundation to pages. Whether it’s an occasion or just a one-off fundraising activity, you can have any visual setting to fit your criteria. Your donors can pick one or more objects they would like to reveal or ‘light-up’ on the graphic. They can leave a personal message inside their object, for family, friends and the world to see.camdemo

Our jigsaw templates are the perfect solution for creating your own personalised interface. You can upload any image for the jigsaw, relating to your cause or campaign. People can then donate a jigsaw piece of their choice, to reveal part of your special image. We have templates of different sizes and number of pieces.


There are a huge variety of elements you can control, allowing you to completely customise the experience. This includes:

  • Page web address (URL)
  • Colour theme
  • Privacy
  • Automated email content

Minimum or Suggested Donation

Depending on your template, you may have one or many types of object. You can set a minimum or suggested donation amount for each type at any stage. There is also a ‘Just donate’ feature that allows people to simply make a gift without a message or for a smaller amount.

Email Notification

Apart from sending the donor a receipt, you can add a personal thank you message to express your appreciation. We also notify page owners and beneficiaries of donation activity and page status.

Social MediaShare

Social media tools are built in to enable anyone to share your page or a personal donation/message.

Secure Payments

Give confidence to your donors by using a payment processor everyone has heard of. They will have the option of paying using their Paypal account or using their credit/debit card – without having to create an account.

Fees & Reimbursements

It is totally free to sign up and publish pages on Visufund. We simply deduct a 5% service fee and a payment processing fee* on donations. All donations are held in a safe client account, which we will transfer to the beneficiary’s bank account weekly, less the fees.

Charity Benefits

Registered charities benefit from a whole array of additional features and customisation:

Branded Customisation

You get access to more advanced options to tailor the experience:

  • Insertion of your charity or campaign logo
  • Modify donation form questions/prompts
  • Set data protection & marketing contact preferences
  • Customise social share content


Enabling e-cards on your page allows donors to send a link of their message to someone else. This is a great way to bring other supporters to your page and inspire a new audience.


Secure-Data-TransferWe securely supply donor information when a gift is made to your charity. This can be accessed through the portal and downloadable reports. We also collect data protection contact preferences for email, telephone, SMS and post.  We will never pass or sell any data onto third parties.

Gift Aid

We do not currently process Gift Aid but provide the up-to-date HMRC declaration on the checkout form. This, coupled with the data we provide, allows you to claim Gift Aid if declared.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started building your page!

*Maximum 3.4% + £0.20 per payment transaction. This rate can drop depending on our monthly volumes.