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Last updated: 05-09-2017


Who can sign up to Visufund?

Anybody. If you are simply making a donation through a page, you do not require an account. There are two distinct account types - individual and UK registered charity. We also accept registrations from CASC's and other not-for-profit organisations.

How much does it cost to use Visufund?

It is completely free for anyone to sign up and publish fundraising pages on Visufund. We don’t charge any mandatory subscription fees to charities or members, which means more money reaches good causes. When money is made through a page, we deduct a small fee of 5% to cover our running costs. In practice, this means we’re able to:
  • Constantly monitor the website
  • Respond to queries and provide help to charities and individual fundraisers
  • Keep up-to-date with best practice and regulatory changes
  • Continue developing more templates and facilities to make the experience better every time you visit

Payment fees are also deducted from donations by our trusted payment processors. Rates vary according payment method and current volumes, but we are constantly working to reduce these to a minimum.

In addition, we offer costed products to charities, should they have any additional requirements using our service.

When do I receive my funds?

Fund Account

Any funds that are due to be transferred to you (beneficiary), are shown in your fund account. These balances are transferred every week to your nominated bank account on a Wednesday or Thursday.

Charity Beneficiaries

Any donations received through charity created pages or individual pages raising money for a charity, are posted to the charity's fund account between 7 & 14 days after the transaction.

Individual Beneficiaries (Crowdfunding)

Any donations received through an individual's crowdfunding page, are posted to their fund account between 7 & 14 days after the page expires.


If you have 'Fund transfers' notification set to 'Yes' in your account settings, you will receive an email with remittance details of any bank transfer.

What is the difference between a suggested and minimum donation?

  • A suggested donation permits any gift greater than or equal to £2, but has a suggested or recommended amount. A zero value is also accepted.
  • A minimum donation only permits a gift of the set minimum amount or more.
If you own a page you can set each object type to either of these settings under "Object Settings". If you are donating an object, this will be indicated on the pop-up message of an available object and also on the message form.

Why can't I change my page web address after publishing?

Changing your page web address after publishing could create problems for your supporters who may have already given to your page or shared the link with others, so this cannot be amended after this point.

Signing up

A guide to creating an account


Payment Processing

Information & fees relating to our payment processors


Setting Page Web Address (URL)


Data Protection

A short guide relating to how we handle data