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Last updated: 28-09-2017

Create your own Template

Create your own custom template design for a complete, unique donor experience

We have several options for charities, allowing you to develop your own fundraising template to use on Visufund. Custom templates:

  • Remain exclusive for your charity to use
  • Can be enabled and used by your individual fundraisers
  • Can be used as many times as you want for your campaigns

Option 1: Upload & Convert - £145

This is the service we recommend if you have a talented in-house graphic design team. Using vector based drawing tools such as Adobe Illustrator, you can create a design and upload it to us. We will test, validate and convert your design into a working template. The steps are simply:
  1. Read the template design guide (charity login required)
  2. Produce your template drawing and internally approve it with your team
  3. Login to your account, 'Create a Template' and upload your design for validation and conversion

Option 2: Design - from £180 to £390

If you don't have the internal resources to produce a design, we can do something special for you. Gather your team together and discuss your concept for a fundraising template. Once you have agreed on an idea:
  1. Download, complete and save the template design specification form
  2. Login to your account, 'Create a Template' and upload your completed specification
  3. Approve a quote for the design work
  4. Approve a draft image of your template
Our team will consult closely with you on all your requirements and deliver a tailored product for your cause.

All of our template service options include the following:

  • Web optimisation
  • Conversion & upload to the website
  • Default object icons for use on buttons & pop-up message
  • High resolution image of template for marketing purposes


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