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E-cards and more

Latest updates…

  • Added e-card feature allowing donors to optionally send an email with a message link to a recipient.
  • New option for no Gift Aid declaration. Hides section on check out form if selected
  • If no data protection options are enabled, section is hidden on check out form
  • All premium campaign packages withdrawn. All campaigns now have access to all features
  • New launch packages added offering different service rates. Calculator added to package page to identify best deal based on forecast
  • Fixed fee direct payment launch package withdrawn. Direct payment campaigns use better value launch deals and service charges are invoiced separately in direct mode

Extra reports and functionality

Latest updates…

  • New report added for ‘Fund Account’ showing full details of transactions with donation details
  • Remittance advice attached to ‘Fund transfer’ emails and also available through portal (Click on ID for transfer entries in Fund Account)
  • Test email function for campaign donor email
  • County optional on all address inputs
  • New fields available on object social output
  • Two content display options for GiftAid declaration (set in Organisation)
  • “Find another” donation button not displayed on pop-up when same object type not available

Updates 28/11/16

  • New report showing breakdown of donated objects and messages in a transaction
  • Controllable display of DPA contact opt-in options
  • Improved formatting of automated emails.  Donors email now contains boxed message from charity with logo

Updates 21/11/16

  • Donor title field and SMS contact opt-in checkbox added to checkout form
  • Improved wording and formatting for data protection opt-in choices on checkout form
  • Portal display and reports updated to reflect above field  additions
  • Floating tile layout on portal sections

Mobile optimisation

Latest updates…

  • Improved mobile optimisation on campaign pages: New menu access button, form and overlay to full device width
  • New header menu bar
  • Basket content counter
  • Tour auto-stop after full cycle of messages
  • Donate only feature introduced for non-object, anonymous or smaller donations
  • Un-donated object display settings allowing ghost or invisible display
  • Improved general styling and new clearer menu icons

Updates 10/10/16

  • Introduced ‘Test-Simulation’ payment route for testing transactions without using PayPal sandbox.
  • Introduced launch credits for clients using template design service. Allows free launch of campaign(s) basic or premium, using ‘Live’ payment route.
  • Donation transaction report split into separate live and test reports

Updates 06/10/16

  • Text hyperlinks now shown in light blue to assist awareness
  • Buttons in table views converted to text hyperlinks
  • ‘Donation Transactions’ replaces ‘Donations’ module – summarises single transactions of one or more donated objects
  • Campaign>Donations renamed to ‘Donated Objects’
  • Improved readability on ‘Donated Objects’ table, links to transactions and introduced date filters.

Updates 03/10/16

  • Live and test donations can be executed in off-line status by the campaign owner
  • New reports module for downloading CSV report files
  • New report ‘Donation Transactions’ added to reports, detailing full donation, donor, fees and transaction details
  • Transaction details shown against individual donated objects and other objects from same transaction