Mothers’ Day: Why I give to charity

As we approach Mothers’ Day, and the shops fill up with cards and gifts for all the lovely mums out there (I have already picked something special for my Mum and Nana… super organised for once!), I always spare a thought for my Granny who passed away in 2010.  Mothers’ Day is not only a day to celebrate the amazing ladies in our lives who have given so much love and support to us over the years, but it is also a day to reflect on our memories of those special women who are no longer with us.

lemon-soapI remember buying my Granny a bar of lemon soap for almost every special occasion from the age of 5, and still smile when I see her particular favourite brand on the high street.  Now, on special dates, I still think about buying her the same present… but of course, it wouldn’t be used.  So instead, I like to do something to remember her by, and over the last few years, I’ve found comfort in donating to charity in her memory.  It is rewarding to know that the money I have given in her name could help someone else in their time of need, and I know she would have approved.

So this year, for Mother’s Day, I will make sure that my living relatives are well and truly spoilt, and I will also be making a donation to my Granny’s favourite charity.  I always include a note with my donation to explain my reason for giving, and I hope it makes someone smile.  I may even splash out on a bar of lemon soap for myself too.