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We've listened to your feedback

Updates: February 2019

After a bumper Christmas, working with more charities than ever and seeing loads of brilliant visual fundraising pages being created for good causes, we felt it was about time we asked you for some feedback.

When all the Christmas decorations were finally down, and 2019 had well and truly begun, we asked some of our charity members for their feedback on what we do. We've listened to what you had to say and made a couple of updates to make sure we continue to improve and deliver the service you need.

You told us... "The pages look great but it's a bit fiddly to set them up"

We've simplified the process of creating and publishing pages by creating two tiers - free and premium. All the free settings can now be found on one page, so you can't miss anything. Charity members can easily add premium features at any stage whilst setting up a page if they require additional customisation.

You told us... "We want to be able to add our branding to our supporter fundraising pages"

We've created a new product called Buy a Template which allows you to buy any template from the library and customise it for your supporters. This includes adding your charity colours to the pages, renaming the objects and changing their prices, and even writing a default 'About Page' if you wish. All this means that it's now even easier for your supporters to create fundraising pages for you - all they need to do is give their page a title, publish and share.

You told us... "If we had the budget, we'd love to design our own templates"

We've developed a new range of Template Products to suit all budgets. We've also reduced the base price of our Design A Template service, which now starts at £250 (was £390). We hope this will encourage a few more of you to design your own templates this year - we can't wait to hear your ideas!

You told us... "We'd like to see more analytics and insights about our pages"

We think this is a great idea, and we're going to work on developing something for this very soon. In the meantime, make sure you download the report called Daily Page Activity to see how many visits and donations your page has had on a daily basis.

You told us... "We want to add additional questions to the donor checkout form"

Watch this space! We're working on it and this will be coming soon.

You told us... "We'd like to give our donors the option to upload a photo with their message"

Watch this space! We're working on it and this will be coming soon.

UPDATE: March 2019 - We're delighted to say this feature is now available on all new pages - this is optional, as we appreciate it may not always be appropriate for some campaigns. You can also add photo upload on any pages you have previously published by updating your message settings.

We'd love to hear your feedback too!

We're always really happy to hear from anyone who has ideas or suggestions for our team about how we can make Visufund even better. Please get in contact if you'd like to share any other feedback and one of our team will be very happy to help.


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