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Last updated: 26-09-2019

Products & pricing

This document is only applicable to charity users

We offer a range of visual fundraising products and services to suit all charity budgets.* All costed products include premium features.

Create a Page: Free

Anyone can create and publish a page using a template from our library at no cost.

Whether you're asking for donations to light virtual candles, decorate a tree, or hunt for Easter eggs, there's a template in our ever-growing library suitable for every occasion. When you create a page, you'll be able to customise a variety of settings and publish a personalised page in under a minute.

This also includes all templates in our jigsaw range, which allow you to upload any picture to be revealed by donations. This is an ideal way to create a completely bespoke page at no cost, so it's perfect for small charities or those who are new to visual fundraising.

Watch our video and learn how to create a page.

Upgrade a Template: only £39

Upgrade any template from our library to get instant access to premium features.

Upgrading a template gives you access to all premium features, which means you can add additional customisation to your pages to match your brand and suit your campaign requirements.

In addition, you can set up the template for supporter fundraising, allowing your supporters to create their own fundraising pages that look exactly the way you want.

Want to try before you upgrade? Just click 'Try Premium Features' on any unpublished page you've created to gain instant access to all premium features. You'll need to upgrade the template before publishing, or you can change your mind and restore the default values at any time without incurring any costs.

Learn how to upgrade a template.

Modify a Template: up to £180

Tweak an existing template to suit your fundraising needs.

example of modify a template, showing changes to the design including incorporation of charity logo directly into the design and change of colours to match charity brand
The background colour has been changed to incorporate charity brand colours - this changed the setting from day to night. An additional charity logo has been added at the base of the tree and the tree topper has been replaced with a bright white star. In addition, by accessing premium features, the lights on the tree and buttons/messages have also been changed to match charity brand guidelines.

If you've seen something in the library that's almost perfect OR you want to create a refreshed version of a template you already own, let us know what changes you'd like to make and we'll create a modification for you. Whether you want to change the number of available objects on the page or modify some colours to match your brand, we're here to help.

Once you've submitted a template modification request to us, we'll contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail to make sure we create the perfect design. When you've approved the design, your new template will be available for the exclusive use of you and your supporters, and every page you create with the new template will have access to premium settings and features.

Learn how to modify a template.

Design a Template: from £250

Tell us exactly what you want and we'll create a special design just for you.

We also offer a full design service to create completely bespoke and exclusive templates for your fundraising campaigns. To make sure we get your design just right, we ask you to complete a design specification form that takes you through the whole process, and you'll see an exact cost before submitting your request.

We'll be in touch throughout the design process to discuss your ideas and send you some draft images for your approval. Of course, once the template is ready, you'll be able to use it to create unlimited pages with premium features, and set it up for your supporters to use for their own pages as well.

Learn how to design a template.

example of design a template, showing an image of Liverpool Women's Hospital at the end of a road paved with footsteps
This design features an image of Liverpool Women's Hospital, who are using this design to fundraise for a capital appeal for their neonatal unit. Their 'Big Tiny Steps Appeal' has its own unique logo, which has been incorporated into the design using their brand colours. The footsteps on the road, leading towards to the hospital in the sunshine, matches their appeal language - 'pave the way for a brighter journey.'

Which product is right for you?

To help you decide which product you need, please use our handy flowchart. If you need any further support or would like to discuss your ideas with our team, please don't hesitate to contact us.

* In addition to the costs outlined in this document, fees are also deducted from donations. Read more about fees.

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