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Premium features

Premium features are available on all templates that your charity owns.

Premium features gives you:

  • The option to prepare and brand a template for your supporter fundraising pages
  • Access to all premium settings on pages that use your template

Discover our template products & services to access premium features.

Supporter fundraising

You can optionally enable your templates for your supporters to use for their own fundraising pages. You can set defaults and brand a template using all premium page settings to ensure that every page looks the way you want. This means all your supporters have to do is give their page a title and publish.

Read more about the benefits of supporter fundraising.

Learn how to prepare a template for your supporter fundraising.

Premium page settings

All pages you create from a template you own will have access to premium page settings. This gives you the maximum control of your fundraising pages and campaigns. You can create & publish as many pages as you want with your templates, and always get access to premium features.

Feature Overview

Individual-Free Charity-Free Charity-Premium
Create & publish pages
Personalise automated thank you email message
Set fundraising target or display total
Upload social media share image
Upload your own image to create a jigsaw*
Customise page web address
Allow contributor photo upload
Customise page header logo/image & colour
Set donor message format
Set your marketing opt-in preferences
Download reports
Link pages together & create campaign sections on your profile page
Add offline messages 10 / page
Template branding & defaults for your supporter fundraising pages
Set template web address for inviting your supporters to create a page
Change/brand the choice of colours the donor can pick for their donated object*
Customise background, combining your own imagery & colour gradient*
Change minimum or suggested amounts for each object
Add your charity colours to the message display and buttons
Change visibility of available objects
Customise donor message form
Include additional questions on checkout form
Customise default tweet & hashtags when shared on Twitter

*selected templates only

Products & Pricing

We offer a range of visual fundraising products and services to suit all charity budgets

Charity membership

Find out more about the benefits of our free charity membership

Individual membership

Find out the benefits of joining as an individual member, including creating your own pages

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