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Last updated: 03-07-2019

Individual membership

Create a free individual membership account today to access all these great features. Click through the points below to find out why you'll love us:

✔ Fundraise for your favourite charity

As an individual member of Visufund, you'll have access to our full template library, and you can use any design to create a visual fundraising page to raise money for a great cause. Your page can be used to collect sponsorship money for your events, pay tribute to a loved one, celebrate special occasions and more. The only limit is your imagination!

✔ Create interactive message boards

Don't want to fundraise? No problem. When you've created a page, just click 'I don't want to fundraise' when you're asked to choose a charity. You'll still be able to create unique pages to display messages in an interesting and creative way, with the donation facility removed.

✔ Personalise all your pages

It'll take you less than a minute to create and publish a page. To make it extra special, you can personalise it by sharing your story, writing a personal thank you message, uploading photos and more. Each template offers different settings and features, so pick one today and discover what you can do!

Any questions?

The easiest way to see how everything works is to try it for yourself - you won't need to create an account until you're ready to publish your first page. Just choose a template to create a page and start exploring!

If you do have any questions, look at our Frequently Asked Questions or feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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